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Get Qualified Leads With These 5 Awesome Strategies

Here’s how to increase your qualified leads and increase your conversions by using various digital marketing tactics.

Your digital presence is the place to target, attract and convert your potential clients into paying clients. Sales leads are the cornerstone of any thriving business and until and unless you are receiving and converting leads into customers, it is not going to be any fun for you. 

As much as the alignment between the sales representatives and digital marketing team is essential, it also important to note that social media campaigns, email marketing and PPC campaigns are all in integration and working towards improving the client experience. Below are 6 strategies that can help you in increasing your qualified leads and in turn, your sales. 

Try these 5 strategies which will definitely help you in improving the numbers of qualified leads. 

1. Leverage Social Media: This can’t be left aside! We all have become so familiar with this and have started our social media platforms to reach out to the world. On one hand, social media has opened so many opportunities for businesses or influencers to maximize their reach and target audience however, it is easy to get lost in the crowd or be a latecomer amongst the other competitors, so creating content that your target audience would want to see, engage and act is imperative.

Using the right hashtags to create impressions on your posts is crucial in order to attract the right people. You can effortlessly spread awareness and increase your engagement rate by putting the right content in front of the right people at the right time!

2. Run Contests: Digital platforms have also opened a lot of new tactics to engage your target audience by running contests. Haven’t you taken a poll or quiz recently on social media? Just like everyone else, your vote matters, your opinion matters so, go ahead and create a quiz, a challenge or a simple give away in return for leaving a like, comment, share or a review. Sounds easy, right? This will not only increase your reach but also increase your traffic and leads!

3. Content is crucial: Content is everything! Try to incorporate a variety of content for your website, social media, blogs, eBooks, product or service brochures. Quality and quantity both matter, so ensure that your content is relevant, contains appropriate details, describes your culture as well as informative, because nobody wants to listen to “your” information, they also need information that is useful for “them”. Therefore, try to keep your focus and desired balance between information about “you” and “me”

4. Google Ads & Landing Pages: Your Google Ads and landing pages should be relevant, to the point and alluring so that the visitors are compelled to take action. As we all are well aware that the first impression is the last impression. A landing page is very specific to what you are offering and it is the place to foster your connection with your potential customer. So, if people visiting your landing page are finding what they came looking for, then only they will take an action and become one step closer to become a client! Ensure some accuracies and you will get more qualified leads.

5. Analyze data to understand: If done right, your data can do a lot of work for you! Once you know the direction you need to work on, you will be able to get there in no time! 

Lead generation may be a challenging task at first but it is imperative for your business to thrive and drive revenue. Integrating these 5 strategies will start filling your inbox with qualified leads. Learn more about other digital marketing strategies that can help you in growing our business. Click Here